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 Many of you Defender owners are already at one with your cherished vehicles, never to be apart and you’ve more than likely slept in them too, from time to time!

Nothing wrong with that you say, and we agree.  Now you can do so in style with the D-Box, a simple, affordable way for a Defender owner to convert their vehicle into a comfortable temporary home.  This idea of course is nothing new, and was immortalised by VW’s camper vans with their tiny kitchens and the “rock ‘n’ roll” bed.  However, the VW is old, slow, is not off-road capable and nowhere near as durable as the Defender.  So, as an alternative to the rooftop tent some very clever people at Ququq, a German outdoor equipment company have come up with the D-Box for the Defender.

Made from water- resistant wood with aluminium reinforcement, the D-Box measures 73 x 42 x 76 cms, and is designed to be carried by two people and secured down just inside the Defender’s rear door. A fold out mattress sits on top of the box and stretches to the front seats to provide 122 x 195 cm of sleeping space.

That’s not all as the D-Box also provides a kitchen area unlike any rooftop tent systems we know of. Simple in design yet generous in function, a slide out dual-burner with storage, a small worktop, two 10L water jugs and two bowls could see you to your first Land Rover cooking badge! Not only that but the spouted water jug and bowl combine to form a basic sink so you can wash up too.

Living in a D-Box can’t compare to a fully equipped camping trailer but it’s nowhere near the price of one either at around £2,200 and it is a great alternative to the rooftop tent especially when you consider the additional security of being able to sleep inside your locked vehicle rather than being separated from the elements (or predatory big cats on your expedition)  by a thin sheet of nylon.  And of course, if you get cold you can always add a diesel night heater (see our Accessories section) so that you have all of the comforts of home, wherever you are.

All things aside though, the real value in all of this is the fact you have a few more reasons never to leave your Defender!

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