Project X

Welcome to Project X!


Project X is going to be a showcase for the vehicle refurbishment capabilities of Hobson Industries.  The idea of the project is to build a complete Defender 110 County Station Wagon, using Asset Managed refurbished components.  Visitors to this site will be asked how they would wish to see the vehicle configured in terms of final specification, equipment and even what colour the vehicle will be painted.  We will build the vehicle to your specification! Our staff in the various departments involved, i.e. Asset Management, Engineering, Vehicle Workshop and Paint will take photos and video clips of the progress that the components and assemblies through the various processes involved, and post these here and on our social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter.  So be sure to follow us and keep track of the project – and of course, feel free to interact!

 When the vehicle is finished, it will be offered for sale via the Vehicle Sales section of the website in a fully refurbished, tested and warranted condition so if you are looking for an “as new” Defender this could be the perfect vehicle for you!